Chrome 19 found to be fastest browser on Mac

Chrome 19 found to be fastest browser on Mac

Google's Chrome browser has quickly become the choice for many web denizens searching for the fastest browsing experience. And while the latest browser report from New Relic confirms that Chrome is indeed your best bet for speed, the latest versions aren't actually getting any faster.

The data shows that Chrome version 19 -- version 23 was released today, for those keeping track -- is actually the fastest browser on OS X. In fact, the top five fastest browsers are various versions of Chrome, with version 19 followed by versions 21, 22, 20, and 18. Firefox finally appears in the sixth spot with its 15th version.

The firm's research also shows that approximately 61 percent of web traffic from Mac machines is done using the default Safari browser. Chrome comes in second with 21 percent and Firefox pulls up the rear at 18 percent. Safari also dominates in the mobile arena, with 87 percent of on-the-go web traffic -- on all mobile platforms -- coming from Apple's portable browser.

[Via TechCrunch]