Daily iPhone App: Curiosity makes you wonder what is in the cube

Daily iPhone App Curiosity

Curiosity, a free app that arrived on the App Store last night, is more of an experiment than a game. It's developed by a company called 22 Cans, which is Peter Molyneux's latest endeavor. Molyneux is the famous creator of classic games like Dungeon Keeper, Populous, and Fable. Now he's built 22 Cans to work on smaller, more experimental projects.

Curiosity is definitely that.

As you can see in the video below, it's essentially a collaborative destruction engine, tasking thousands of users around the world with chipping away at a large virtual cube, in hopes of discovering what's at its center.

That's the whole game, really. When you log in (optionally with a Facebook account), you can tap away at various surfaces on the cube, and clear them out to earn coins. The coins let you buy various implements to destroy the cube with additional effectiveness. All 50,000 players (the total when I logged in to play) will continue to hack away at the cube's many layers until its center revealed.

Some text that appears in the game's introduction reveals a twist: only one player will discover what's in the cube (because presumably only one player will get to hack away at the final square in the middle). Of course, no one knows who that will be. If you're curious and want to help find out, Curiosity is a free universal download on the App Store right now.