Verizon says HTC 8X will ship 'by 11/13', red model due on the 21st (Update: Lumia 822 too)

Waiting to get a taste of HTC's first Windows Phone 8 device on Verizon? Big Red's website says you won't have to wait beyond next week for your first shot, indicating HTC 8X pre-orders ($199 on 2-year contract, $549 retail) will ship by November 13th for the black or blue models, although the red version is held up until the 21st. That's the same day the two companies have an event scheduled in NYC -- now the only question is if the Droid DNA will make an appearance. That date is in line with what's been revealed of other carrier's plans for HTC's Windows Phone 8X, with T-Mobile on the 14th, Bell on the 15th and Rogers on the 12th.

Update: It looks like the $99 Lumia 822 we've had some hands-on time with has also been listed by Verizon, and with the same release date. Decisions, decisions.

[Thanks, Matt]