Verizon confirms Droid DNA on its Droid Does portal, promises 'unboxing' on November 19th

Last we checked, there are about six days between Verizon / HTC's press event in New York City and November 19th. Which, by most counts, should be just enough time for the two companies to properly announce a phone, get it out to sales channels, and start moving 'em into the hands of consumers. HTC's Droid DNA has been leaked to death at this point, but a new mention of the product on VZW's 'Droid Does' portal all but confirms the true nature of Tuesday's event. For those willing to wait until November 19th, the carrier's promising an internet unboxing through its Google+ page -- for those who tune into our site, we'll get you one much sooner. Hit up the source if you're intrigued by intrigue, but don't go poking around for pricing or confirmed specifications.