Meizu to unveil MX2 flagship smartphone in Beijing on November 27

It's that time of the year again. Meizu's just sent out invitations for the upcoming launch of its new flagship device which, according to founder Jack Wong, will be dubbed MX2. While details are scarce, Wong previously mentioned that he's still not interested in making tablets, but he'll certainly be making a larger phone. In fact, Wong recently leaked a screenshot (posted after the break) that contained sketches of the new UI, but the screenshot itself came at a resolution of 1,280 x 800, which is rather different from the old 960 x 640 in terms of detail and aspect ratio. Considering that Wong had also expressed that there's no point in going beyond 400ppi (ouch), chances are the MX2 will come with the more common 330ppi pixel density, which would give a 4.57-inch diagonal screen size; though 312ppi is also a possibility, which would make it a 4.8-inch device. Both options would still be sharper than the original 4-inch MX's 292ppi. Whatever the truth is, we shall find out at the Beijing Water Cube on November 27, so stay tuned.

Meizu to unveil new flagship smartphone in Beijing on November 27