AT&T to start selling the ASUS VivoTab RT on November 16th for $500, keyboard dock included for a limited time

We've known for some time that AT&T would sell an LTE version of ASUS' VivoTab RT tablet running Windows RT, but until today we just had the vague promise that it would arrive "in time for the holidays" (Christmas, Hanukkah, Flying Spaghetti Monster Day, take your pick). Well, now we know: AT&T just issued announced the 4G VivoTab RT will go on sale this week, on November 16th, with a list price of $500. For a limited time, at least, that price includes the keyboard dock you see pictured above. (The press release says it comes with a "Mobile dock with a keyboard and additional battery," as if they're separate pieces of hardware, but that's just some sly wording: the keyboard dock has a battery built in.)

Additionally, AT&T is running a promotion in which users get $100 off the VivoTab RT (or any other AT&T tablet) after purchasing a Windows Phone handset. If you read the fine print in the press release at the link, you'll see that AT&T is requiring a two-year agreement for both the phone and tablet. Buy the tablet unsubsidized, though, and you can add it to an existing data share plan for $10 and up per month. Either way, is it worth the added data fees? We'll leave that to you, but we would suggest you pay particular attention to the software section of our review: this thing was awfully buggy when we tested it.