Elektron announces Analog Four synthesizer, spends the naming budget on viral teaser (video)

Elektron makes button-heavy synths and samplers, it also makes great teaser videos. If you needed any proof, then its newest offering, Analog Four (and accompanying video), should be plenty. This time, we have a little exclusive advanced info to go with it. The latest box of sonic tricks is a four voice analog synth (with two analog oscillators each), comes with an internal step-sequencer, plus multiple LFOs and the usual array of filters and effects. One other nice addition is the inclusion of CV/Gate and DIN outputs, meaning you can also control some of those older pre-MIDI synths you might have lying around (there is MIDI functionality too, of course). There's also a live performance mode, so you can shake up the pattern on the fly, along with other creative tools like arpeggio toggling. Features are all good and well, but what does it sound like? Well, head past the break for a demo, plus that extravagant teaser vid. If, however, you were sold at "four voice analog synth," keep your eyes (and filters) open for December 3rd availability

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The Analog Four is the best of two worlds.

The power of analog synthesis is enhanced with precise Elektron sequencing for a machine par excellence. This is an analog synthesizer for the modern age.

The Analog Four is a four voice analog synthesizer. Analog oscillators and filters ensure the most organic sounds imaginable and the Elektron step sequencer caters for the innovative sound control. With sequencer features like parameter locks and variable length per track, intricate Analog Four compositions can be created quickly and efficiently. Add the completely new and incredibly well-crafted effects to the mix and experience the next chapter in analog sounds. It just sounds right.

Not only a splendid sound making device, the Analog Four can also make other gear sing. Thanks to the CV/Gate and DIN sync outputs, legacy analog gear can be controlled in great detail. Sequencer features like arpeggiators and parameter locks will breathe new life in
old equipment and make any modular synthesizer rig truly come alive.

Live performance features are aplenty. The special performance mode gives direct access to user-defined parameters and direct pattern change makes it possible to change patterns at any sequencer step. The arpeggiator can be instantly toggled on or off for swirling melody lines. Improvising when playing live has never been this easy. The Analog Four was born for the stage.


4 synth voices. 2 Analog oscillators per voice. 2 Analog filters per voice. 1 Analog overdrive circuit per voice. Multiple LFOs and envelopes per voice. Elektron step sequencer with parameter locks. Kit and Sound storage. All new hi-quality effects. 2x dual CV/Gate outputs. Dedicated CV/Gate and FX sequencer tracks. 2x External inputs. 2x Main outputs. 1x Headphones output.

Analog Four estimated shipping date:
December 3

About Elektron Music Machines:

Elektron Music Machines are known for creating innovative, user friendly and magic sound sources. Their product lines are widely acclaimed for their stellar sound and unique sequencer capabilities. The company was established in 1998 and consists of a head office located in Gothenburg, Sweden and a subsidiary located in Tokyo, Japan.