Golden Dreams smothers the iPhone 5 in gold and alligator skin

Golden Dreams smothers the iPhone 5 in gold and alligator leather

Sure, the iPhone 5 is great, but it's not that great, right? Yes, its ultra-thin design, complex manufacturing process and gorgeous Retina display make it a flagship device, but you know what it doesn't have? Alligator leather. That is, until Swiss company Golden Dreams gets ahold of it. StupidDope reports the luxury retailer is now taking orders for its custom-made versions of Apple's newest smartphone, and boy are they... great?

There are currently six versions of the Golden Dreams iPhone 5 on offer, with touches like 24-carat gold accents, and yes, even the choice to replace that dull, lifeless Apple-emblazoned backplate with one wrapped in the skin of a dead alligator. Oh, and should you worry that your peers at the Friday night horse ballet won't realize that exquisite device in your hand is indeed yours, you can request your own personalized touch be added -- for an additional fee, of course.

So how much will it cost you for the privilege of hauling around an alligator-clad iPhone 5? Believe it or not, one of these monuments to excess will set you back just $3,000 or so, depending on the model. Talk about a bargain!