Google Fiber installations begin, come with a larger TV channel choice in the bargain (video)

A lot of readers in the two Kansas Cities are about to see the above sign taped to their door, and they'll be forgiven if it triggers an irrational level of excitement: it's the confirmation that Google Fiber deployments are at last underway. Starting this week in the Hanover Heights district of Kansas state's city, Google is extending fiber drops to the homes of early adopters and arranging for in-home appointments to set up whatever internet and IPTV selections they've made. The fiber team is also widening its pick of TV channels as a last-minute incentive, offering a slew of Fox sports and movie channels as well as Fuel TV, FX, National Geographic and Speed, among others. While we don't know how long it will take before the first wave of 1Gbps deployments are wrapped up, it should finally be safe to add "internet service provider" to Google's increasingly lengthy resume.