mLogic's mLink Thunderbolt chassis shipping this month, Red Rocket board version to follow

If you're still wondering how to make use of that Thunderbolt port on your computer, here's a new option. mLogic, a fairly new company that shares the same founder as G-Technology (now under HGST), is now taking orders for the $399 mLink Thunderbolt expansion chassis and will start shipping it this month. What this little box offers is the ability to connect almost any half-length PCIe card to Thunderbolt-enabled computers, so the possibility is endless -- be it for RAID storage, high-speed networking or 2K video acquisition. We noticed that the mLink was meant to launch this time last year, but CEO Roger Mabon explained to us that this massive delay was due to the unexpectedly lengthy Thunderbolt qualification process, on top of the company's further extensive thermal and EMI testing on the product, so it's confident that it now has a rock solid product.

In addition to this model, mLogic is also working on a variant dubbed mLink R, which is tailored for Red's Rocket video transcode accelerator. It's currently listed for a much higher $699, but having seen the much larger Rocket chassis offered by other companies, we're certain that the better-off production crews will be happy to pay the premium in exchange for portability. Stay tuned for news on its availability.