The Queue: Random cat pictures because I am sick

The Queue A guy who was sick all yesterday answers your questions

Welcome back to The Queue, the daily Q&A column in which the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft. Matthew "Oh God I think I'm dying" Rossi will be answering your questions today.

So yeah, I am crazy sick as I write this. We're in the grip of that seasonal hopping illness - you know, the one that someone brings into the house as a cough, and then it migrates to someone else as explosive sneezes and chills, and then it leaps back to the first person. I have no idea if we've even had one good illness free day the past two weeks.

I realize this isn't in any way funny. I'm sorry about that. Here's a picture of my cat Sasquatch that some of you totally helped keep from dying. He's very cute.

mazokuranma asks

Could anyone possible help me with a LFR loot question? I'm having trouble finding a definitive answer through Google. I know you can only get loot once from a boss per reset cycle, but if you don't get loot from a boss, are you locked out from loot for the cycle (Essentially limiting you to running it once for any chance at loot)?

Second, if you've already run it for loot and received some, can you spend another coin if you go again and still get a chance at bonus loot? If anyone can answer these questions (Or help me find an officail post related to them) I would appreciate it!

From personal experience I can tell you that yes, even if you didn't get any loot, once you kill a boss in LFR you're locked out of looting him again. You'll see an icon saying You were not eligible to loot this boss. However, yes, you can spend a coin on a boss you've already looted and get an item. I know because I have done so.

The Queue A guy who was sick all yesterday answers your questions

That's right, two cat pictures! I feel just that awful.

Desparity asks

After gaining exalted with Order of the Cloud Serpent, isnt there a quest where you can gain an epic item or do you have to gain exalted with August Celestials as well.

As far as I know, Desparity, there are no such quests for Order of the Cloud Serpent, August Celestials, or Shado-Pan. The only such quests I know of are from the Klaxxi and Golden Lotus, and they reward a ring and a necklace. Dawn Moore did a little post about it on this very site.

tomfromhr asks

Q4tQ: Maintenance. It seems often Blizzard is somewhat tight lipped about what exactly is going on with maintenance, and why it gets extended. I'd be really curious about this, myself, and I think a lot of others would. However, not having much experience in HR, I'm sure I'm missing something here. Why don't they say why, exactly, maintenance is getting extended?

Well, what would it benefit them to do so? Ultimately there's not a lot of compelling reasons to do that. I can't pretend I know why Blizzard doesn't tell us, but I can't think of a single company in a similar position that does, either. It could be as easy as "Whoops, we guessed wrong about how long this will take" or as complicated as "We ended up having to completely restore several of our servers" but in the end, we don't need to know any of that, and it's time taking away from actually doing the job of getting the servers back online for there to be someone whose job it is to tell us exactly what's wrong, if there even is anything wrong. Sometimes hotfixes take longer than expected to be applied, sometimes things break and need to be fixed, and sometimes it just takes longer than they thought.

Plus, have you been to the forums lately? People flat out accuse Blizzard of lying about listening to feedback on a forum with multiple threads of Blizzard responding to feedback.

deathbypeebers asks

Q4tQ; what in the vanilla heck is going on? extended maintenance is sooooooo 2005!

I already told you in the intro to this Queue that I'm sick. That's what's going on. As for extended maintenance being so 2005, I recall plenty of extended maintenance over the years. It comes and goes and is no big deal.

i.see.what.i.did.there asks

So in 5.2 (or whatever the next raid patch is called) will valor/justice gear still be locked behind reputation grinds?

I find it unlikely that they'll abandon the faction vendors entirely, but it's possible they could simply put new purchases on the current quartermasters. Then again, it's possible they'll introduce entirely new factions, and it's possible that a gigantic ape will kidnap Ji Firepaw and Aysa Cloudsinger will have to climb up a building dodging barrels to save him. In the end, until Blizzard announces patch 5.2, we really have no idea.

Okay, I'm off to feel like death and cuddle some cats.

The Queue Random cat pictures because I am sick

Three cat pictures! Three! And you can do nothing to stop me.

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