Griffin PowerJolt SE Car Charger with Lightning Connector: A first look

In a refreshing development, a lot of Apple-approved iOS accessories with Lightning connectors are starting to hit the market. Over the past few days, we've seen items from Scosche, Belkin and JBL come out; today we're looking at Griffin's PowerJolt SE Car Charger with Lightning Connector (US$24.99).

The charger comes with a coiled cable that measures 23.5 inches in length out of the box, but can be stretched to over four feet in length. That's perfect for those situations where the kids are sitting in the back seat of the car with your iPad mini, but your only power plug is in the dashboard.

The PowerJolt SE plugs into any car power outlet with an unobtrusive spring-loaded plug that really stays in place. On the other end of the cable? A Lightning connector to keep your new iPhone 5, iPad mini or other device happily charged up. The charger puts out a full 10 W of power at 2.1 Amps.

Griffin PowerJolt SE Car Charger with Lightning Connector A first look

When the PowerJolt is plugged in and ready to go, an LED power indicator glows white. There's also a built-in self-resetting "SmartFuse" to protect against power fluctuations.

For me, the PowerJolt SE is the perfect solution. I currently use a third-party iPhone mount in my car with a separate charging cable; I'll be able to continue using that mount by just swapping out the existing charger for the PowerJolt SE.

It's great to see Lightning accessories coming out in droves before the holiday buying season. If you have a favorite Lightning accessory you haven't seen covered on TUAW yet, please let us know in the comments.