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LG F240 possibly spied in benchmarks packing 1080p screen, Snapdragon S4 Pro

LG's Optimus G (and Nexus 4) might have been the resolution champion among non-phablet Android phones for only a brief moment before the HTC Droid DNA arrived, but there's clues surfacing that LG may fight its way back to a draw. Following hints through browser profiles, a set of results on GLBenchmark have appeared for an unconfirmed LG F240 wielding a 1080p screen resolution; given the allusions to Korean phone carriers like KT and LG's earlier decision to back away from tablets, we suspect that it's something pocketable. The F240 could otherwise be more of an evolution, if it's real -- the Adreno 320 graphics and 1.5GHz clock speed allude to the Optimus G's Snapdragon S4 Pro sticking around, and the biggest leap beyond the screen could be an upgrade to Jelly Bean (4.1, not 4.2). While benchmarks aren't entirely trustworthy without a tangible device to match, there's enough here to imply that HTC will have at least one major competitor in a very young category.