Seagate Wireless Plus drive appears at the FCC teasing next-gen WiFi storage for Android, iOS

Seagate has jumped into wireless mobile storage with both feet, launching the GoFlex Satellite (now just the Satellite) and even experimenting with an LTE-equipped drive for dedicated road warriors. The FCC has just revealed that Seagate isn't having second thoughts about its strategy anytime soon: a previously unknown Wireless Plus drive has popped up at the US agency carrying 2.4GHz WiFi and a considerably slicker design. We don't know much more, although a handily provided copy of the quick start guide makes clear that the Wireless Plus is still centered on Android and iOS device owners wanting to stream media beyond what's on their internal memory. FCC clearance won't give any clues as to capacities or a ship date, but it suggests that it won't be long before our mobile devices have some added headroom.