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Google Play Store update on Android brings post-install suggestions, translations

Google likes to stealthily roll out Google Play Store updates for Android users on a frequent basis, whether it's to add new sections or to encourage a little more impulse shopping. We'd put a brand new revision in that last camp. The 3.10.9 tweak no longer just leaves us lingering at an app's page during an installation: start the process and the store offers suggestions based on fellow adopters' habits as well as a shortcut back to the main portal. Language mismatches in the store could also be a thing of the past with an option to translate descriptions into the device owner's native tongue. Along with a quicker way to add Google+ friends and get better app recommendations, Google's refresh is clearly built to remove those last points of hesitation before trying something new; if the app drawer is looking a little bare, hit the source link (or wait for an automatic update) to fill up.