OpenFeint shutting down December 14 in favor of GREE's service

OpenFeint, a mobile gaming platform that offers an online social hub and achievements system for iOS and Android games, will shut down on December 14. GREE, OpenFeint's parent company since April 2011, is offering options for developers to migrate existing OpenFeint-supported games to the GREE service. Some of the noteworthy OpenFeint-supported games include Tiny Wings, Fruit Ninja and Robot Unicorn Attack.

According to OpenFeint's support page, "all OpenFeint network calls will be nonfunctional which may result in service disruptions to your game and a poor player experience" after the plug is pulled on the service in mid-December.

Basic GREE platform integration is expected to take no longer than a week for some developers, and the list of changes between the services notes that "there is no asynchronous method associated with the unlocking of achievements for iOS games" on the GREE service.