Blockbuster Video launches an iPad magazine

They must be pretty far down the idea list over at Blockbuster Video, because this one suddenly appeared out of left field. The video rental chain has released, of all things, an iPad-based digital magazine.

Blockbuster Magazine, available through Newsstand, is a free publication featuring trailers, interviews and other content about new and upcoming movies -- specifically targeted at what Blockbuster has for rent. It does look like Blockbuster did a nice job on it, but does a digital magazine on your iPad really encourage you to go out and rent videos? We wonder.

Blockbuster's been shrinking lately, as increased options for digitally downloaded movies and TV shows have made renting physical videos less interesting, especially for us well-connected Apple users. Considering all of that, maybe this is Blockbuster's attempt to grab us back. It seems doubtful, however, that a move like this will be the key turnaround that the rental chain has been looking for. Better keep going down that list, guys.

[via App Advice]