Details of designing the Jobs family yacht

Last month we saw images and a video of the Jobs family yacht Venus, which features a row of 27-inch iMacs on the bridge, floor-to-ceiling glass in many places, and a very unique design. SuperYacht Times recently interviewed famed French designer Philippe Starck, who collaborated with Jobs on the design of Venus.

Starck noted that at the beginning of the design process, Jobs gave him "carte blanche" to do whatever he wanted -- the requirements were just the length of the yacht and the number of guests Jobs wished to entertain on board.

After that point, Jobs and Starck spent one full day every six weeks between 2007 and Jobs' death in 2011 poring over design changes "millimetre by millimetre. Detail by detail." The result of the collaboration is a design that's very much the embodiment of Jobs, something useful, yet simple. Starck notes that there is not a "useless pillow" or other object without a purpose on the entire yacht.

The SuperYacht times interview is a fascinating look into both the mind of designer Starck as well as the design philosophy of the late Jobs.

[via CNET]