Windows 8 sales have been 'slow going,' Microsoft said to be blaming OEMs

We've already heard about Windows RT's "modest" beginning, and now there's talk full-blown Windows 8 ain't flying off the shelves either. According to MS aficionado Paul Thurrott and one of his "most trusted sources," uptake of the new OS isn't hitting Redmond 's targets, with the blame being put on OEMs and their "inability to deliver" more inspiring hardware with better availability. Some corroboration of Windows 8's tricky birth comes from Merle McIntosh, senior VP of product management of NewEgg, who says the online retailer was "prepared for an explosion" at launch, but that sales have "been slow going" to date. However, he says that early sales figures shouldn't be compared to Windows 7, since that OS arrived to "solve a Vista problem." He expects Windows 8 to gain traction in Q2 2013 when "pricing normalizes," which would certainly help to temper any launch frustrations.