Karaoke for Xbox Live brings pay to play sing-alongs to your holiday parties

Further milking the cash cow that is Xbox Live, Microsoft and Stingray Digital Group this week announced Karaoke for Xbox 360. Equipped with a robust library of over 8,000 licensed songs ranging from oldies to Hip-Hop and R&B, this potential cheesefest likely has something for your entire family to sing along with. Set to arrive in time for the holiday season, Karaoke appears to be the gift that keeps on charging. Unlike most music themed games that let you purchase content outright, its odd business model charges to stream tracks in time blocks of two, six and 24 hours. Aside from a few glasses of liquid courage eggnog, you'll also need an Xbox 360 headset, wireless microphone, or a USB compatible mic to keep this party going. If you don't fancy the spotlight, you can play the role of karaoke master by queuing up tunes through your mobile device via SmartGlass. Either that, or you can just sit back and record incriminating videos of loved ones belting out embarrassing love ballads after having one too many. The choice is yours.

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Official Stingray Music USA Inc.- The KARAOKE Channel Press Release:

The KARAOKE Channel, a property of Stingray Music USA Inc., an affiliate of the innovative Montreal-based provider of multi-platform music services Stingray Digital Group Inc., today announced their collaboration on "Karaoke" for Xbox 360, an exciting new entertainment service that will be available for download through Xbox LIVE in time for the holidays.
"As the owner of the world's largest licensed karaoke library and karaoke service on TV and Internet, the KARAOKE Channel will combine its expertise with the advanced capabilities of the Xbox 360 platform from Microsoft to develop the best in-home karaoke experience ever," says Eric Boyko, President and CEO of Stingray Digital Group Inc. "Now anyone can access our vast library and sing in a fun and interactive way right from their Xbox."
"Karaoke" for Xbox 360 is simply fun
"Karaoke" for Xbox 360 is easy to launch and makes it easy to sing. Karaoke fans will sing along to scrolling lyrics on screen while their avatar performs the song on stage with a full complement of stage props, backup band and an adoring audience. The more songs are sung and poses struck, the more moola, props, fans and fun are earned as achievements are awarded.

Songs don't require downloading; they play immediately via streaming for a robust karaoke experience. To keep the party going, songs can be queued via the top navigation through search, browse or SmartGlass integration, which connects a tablet or mobile device to the Xbox 360 console. Songs can be added to Favorites so they're super-easy to find, or can be found through the History list to sing them over and over again. Other options include key change and a lead vocal track to help sing less familiar songs. To access all of the features, an Xbox 360 Headset, Xbox Wireless Microphone or an Xbox 360 compatible USB microphone is required.
Available on Xbox LIVE in time for the holidays, "Karaoke" for Xbox 360 will have a selection of free sample songs that will change frequently. Full access to the entire library is available for blocks of 2, 6 or 24 hours by redeeming Microsoft Points. Songs are added to the library on a regular basis as they are produced and licensed, giving everyone a great reason to launch The KARAOKE Channel on Xbox LIVE to discover new songs to sing.