Samsung adds new iPad, iPad mini and iPod to lawsuit, will peek at Apple / HTC settlement

Ready for some more legal mumbo-jumbo? We're happy to oblige: Samsung is asking Judge Paul Grewal to amend its patent infringement allegations to include Apple's latest 4th and 5th generation iPad and iPod Touch, as well as the 7.9-inch iPad mini. Sammy says it's arguing on the side of efficiency, noting that the new hardware is up against the very same claims as the iPhone 5 it added to the case last week, asserting that their inclusion wouldn't be a burden to the court. Grewal, who was expecting this motion, is also being asked to decide if older iPod hardware is covered by Samsung's original infringement contention, which vaguely described "all Apple products including a built-in speaker and an external audio output port," as violators. The Judge also recently approved Samsung's request to sneak a peek at HTC and Apple's recent settlement agreement. The proceedings seem to keep Grewal and his gavel busy, but at least your legalese loving uncle will have something to drone on about over Thanksgiving dinner.