Vodafone and Visa announce mobile payments app for Android-toting Aussies

Sometime next year, Vodafone subscribers in Australia can expect to taste the sweet fruit of mobile payments, which comes thanks to the carrier's partnership with Visa. Computerworld Australia reports that Vodafone SmartPass is currently being tested on Android phones in the land down under, which relies on an NFC-enabled SIM card. It's also said that the carrier plans to introduce a Windows Phone app, although it has no intention of developing a solution for iOS, which is due to the iPhone's lack of NFC. While mobile payments still remains a mere pipe dream for many, it's said that Vodafone will eventually bundle the SmartPass app on all smartphones that support NFC. Unfortunately, the technology may remain cumbersome, as it'll require users to load currency into a prepaid account for use -- something Google has already kicked to the curb. If you'll recall, Vodafone first announced its initiative with Visa in February of this year, although at the time, it was said that only a few European counties would make the initial cut. To learn more about what Vodafone has in store for its Aussie constituency, feel free to hit up the source link.