Microsoft patent application details head-mounted display used to augment live events

It's no secret that Microsoft has been experimenting plenty with wearable computing and augmented reality -- just take a look at some of Microsoft Research's projects -- but a patent application published today has offered a peek at one possible AR application the company has yet to demonstrate. While not describing the device itself, the patent application details how a head-mounted display could be used to augment live events in realtime with relevant information (like stats during a baseball game, as pictured above). To do so, the system would recognize both where you are and what objects are in your field of view, and then display the supplemental information that'd be continually updated based on what's happening or where you're looking. If that all sounds a little familiar, it's because leaked details purporting to lay out Microsoft's future Xbox plans also described some AR glasses, dubbed "Fortaleza Glasses," which were similarly said to provide "realtime information on people, places and objects." At the time of that leak, those were said to be coming sometime in 2014.