Former Bizarre Creations and Tiny Invaders studio Hogrocket closed

Hogrocket, the mobile game development team comprised of former Bizarre Creations staff is on "indefinite hiatus." Hogrocket was one of three studios formed in the wake of Bizarre Creations' closure in February 2011. "This was due to a combination of factors, ranging from geographical to financial. It's sad but the three of us all learned a lot," Hogrocket's Peter Collier told

The England-based "micro studio" released Tiny Invaders on iOS in March 2011, and Bizarre Creations was known for its work on the Project Gotham Racing series as well as the creation of Geometry Wars. Stephen Cakebread, Technical Director at Hogrocket and Geometry Wars designer, left Hogrocket in September 2011 according to his LinkedIn profile.