Mophie Juice Pack Powerstation delivers slim portable charging, on sale Monday

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Mophie Juice Pack Powerstation delivers slim portable charging, on sale Monday

The iconic iPhone battery case from Mophie, the Juice Pack, hasn't made the transition from the iPhone 4/4S 30-pin connector to the newer Lightning interface yet. That's put some extra attention on the standalone battery packs in the company's lineup. We tested the Juice Pack Powerstation, the mid-range 4,000 mAh model. It's on sale today for Cyber Monday at US$59.95, $20 off the regular price.

Mophie's gear always delivers with sleek, engaging industrial design, and the Powerstation line is no exception. This black and brushed-metal pocket-sized battery pack could scarcely be simpler: one full-size USB port, one micro USB port, and a charge/check button are the only controls. It's got roughly the same footprint as an iPhone 4, but somewhat thicker.

Mophie Juice Pack Powerstation delivers slim portable charging

Getting this much battery into slim packaging requires a few compromises. Unlike similar-capacity battery packs from MyCharge or Powerstick, the Powerstation does not include AC or solar-charging capability. You charge it from a USB connection, preferably a high-power connection such as the one on your laptop. Just connect the included micro USB cable to the source and the Powerstation will charge. But, it will not charge a device simultaneously.

The outbound charge port on the Powerstation will charge most USB devices and supports the 2A iPad fast-charging mode. The 4,000 mAh capacity should be enough to recharge an iPhone several times and will give an iPad a partial recharge. The full product line includes the slimmer Powerstation Mini, the dual-output Powerstation Duo, and the water-rated, 6,000 mAh Powerstation PRO. All models are discounted for Cyber Monday at

I found the Powerstation to be a great charging companion for slim iPad bags or to tuck into a jacket pocket; its relatively small size compared to other battery units makes me much more likely to take it along for the ride -- although I do love the solar trickle charge panel on the Powertrip. You can certainly get cheaper look-alike units such as this dual-port 3,000 mAh package from Monoprice, but you won't find one as well-built or dependable.

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