Apple's Eddy Cue reportedly fires Richard Williamson, who oversaw the iOS 6 Maps team

We aren't apt to ever hear this in official fashion, but Bloomberg has it on good authority that Apple's newly-promoted Eddy Cue has just fired the guy who was unfortunately leading the Maps team at the time of iOS 6's release. If you'll recall, Cue was placed in charge of both Siri and Maps during an executive shakeup back in October, and it seems that he's clearing the runway in order to make things better in the months to come. The report also mentions that Cue is "seeking advice from outside mapping-technology experts and prodding digital maps provider TomTom to fix landmark and navigation data it shares with Apple." It's assumed that the goal here is to install a new leadership team within the Maps group, but it's unclear if it'll happen prior to Google's own standalone iOS app becoming available. For those curious as to why such a drastic move had to be made, head over to Apple's Cupertino campus and use iOS 6's Maps app to search for "convenience store." Evidently, the closest one is some 1.5 hours north in San Francisco. True story.