Ceton releases Windows 8 drivers, Echo set-top box is getting Android inside for the holidays

Ceton will have something unexpected under the tree for early adopters of its $179 Echo Windows Media Center Extender -- Android. Updates are on the way that will bring not only finalized Extender software, but also beta support for the Android platform and apps. Detailed in a message sent to testers this evening, there's also an update rolling out in the next 24 hours that upgrades video output to 1080p and exposes settings for the Echo like optical audio out, bitstreaming over HDMI or optical and diagnostics. Even if you're not in that beta test but just like running the latest software, Ceton has also pushed out beta InfiniTV drivers for Windows 8 users (note: tuner bridging is not supported if the card is installed in a Windows 8 PC.) There's even a beta version of the Ceton Companion services that connect Media Center PCs to its mobile Companion apps -- which coincidentally are on sale for $2.99 at the moment -- for Windows 8 users to try out as well. Hit the source links for all of the details and expect more info on how the Echo puts Android on your HDTV soon.

Update: The Echo is also now available and shipping from Amazon, as well as the previously announced NewEgg.