CyanogenMod 10.1 nightlies now available for Nexus 4

CyanogenMod 101 nightlies now available for Nexus 4

At this point in time, ownership of Google's much sought-after Nexus 4 is still the pride of few, with most eager users stuck in delivery and ordering limbo. But for those of you who do lay claim to that unassuming slab of LG design, CyanogenMod's ready and willing to share some nightly perks. Released as a response to unofficial third party ROMs, experimental (read: unstable) builds of CM10.1 (built upon Android 4.2) are now available on the outfit's site. For now, these nightlies will be Nexus 4-only, but there are plans to open'em up to Nexus 10 owners soon. There's no word on when that final, polished 10.1 build will be ready for all Android devices, so for now, the keys to CM10.1 belong to a small group of privileged folks.