Globalgig roaming data service launched: devour up to 5GB abroad for $49 per month (update: UK carrier)

Voiamo has just taken the veil off of Globalgig, a new roaming service that'll let road warriors consume up to 5GB through a monthly contract and the purchase of a $119 hotspot dongle. So far, it will only be available if you're roaming in the US, UK and Australia through the company's Sprint, O2 and Optus partners, respectively. However, the company has promised it'll expand to "key Asian, European Union markets, and other large global travel hubs" in the next 12 months, bringing 1GB of data for $25, 3GB for $39 and 5GB for $49 per month. Contracts will run month-to-month, and you'll be able to cancel anytime with 48 hours notice, according to Voiamo. Sounds like just the thing for globetrotting bloggers, especially with a certain electronics spectacle coming up in the New Year. Check the PR after the break for more info.

Update: The UK partner is Three, not O2.

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New service brings carrier-grade mobile internet access to US, UK, and Australia

London, Sydney and New York – November 29, 2012 – Voiamo, the pioneer in roaming replacement, today announced the company's launch of the Globalgig service using an elegant, small Mobile Hotspot device that avoids the excessive costs and hassle of international data roaming, with service starting in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia. Voiamo plans to expand the Globalgig service to key Asian, European Union markets, and other large global travel hubs, over the next 12 months.

"Consumers are tired of paying exorbitant roaming charges when traveling abroad," said Nigel Bramwell, the company's founder and CEO, and a 27-year veteran of the mobile telephone industry. "Our Globalgig service will give them the freedom to stay connected and enjoy their online mobile experience without having to worry about roaming and hidden fees. We're thrilled to introduce Globalgig to the U.S. and we look forward to continuing our expansion here."

Globalgig charges significantly less than mainstream mobile phone companies for its international data packages and its service is priced competitively for usage in the US domestic market. Customers can buy data in useful monthly bundles of 1 GB (gigabyte) for $25.00, 3 GB for $39.00 and 5 GB for $49.00. While competitors can charge up to $20 per MB (megabyte) and offer international data packages ranging from fifteen to twenty-five cents per MB, Globalgig's 5 GB plan, the equivalent of 5,120 MB, comes out to as little as 0.95¢ (nearly a penny) per MB.

Customers are billed on a monthly basis for usage and unlike many alternatives there are no long-term contracts required. There are no hidden charges, and users can easily cancel or make changes to their plan by providing notice up to 48 hours prior to the end of their billing cycle. The Globalgig Hotspot device can be bought at the Globalgig store online for $119.00 at

About Voiamo

Voiamo, the carrier grade alternative to global roaming, was formed in September 2007. Since its formation Voiamo has created the Globalgig product and secured all relevant agreements with UK, US and Australian network operators.

The company was founded by its Chief Executive Officer, Nigel Bramwell, who has 27 years of experience in the mobile telephone industry, and its key executives also all have a long track record of success in the telecoms industry. It is well-funded for launching the product widely and for its continued success - and has a strong group of investors, many of whom have a major interest in telecoms. Voiamo is not VC funded.

About Voiamo's Mobile Network Operators

In the UK Voiamo is partnered with Three, part of the Hutchison Whampoa group. Three are the UK's fastest growing mobile network according to Ofcom's annual Communications Market Report and they have been rated the UK's number 1 network for coverage, reliability and quality for the 7th time in the latest YouGov Poll as well as number 1 network for the iPhone.

Voiamo's mobile network services in the US are provided on the Nationwide Sprint® Network.* Sprint (a trademark of Sprint Nextel) has been ranked number 1 among all national carriers and most improved in customer satisfaction, across all 47 industries, over the last four years by the American Customer Satisfaction Index.

*Although Sprint provides Voiamo subscribers access to its wireless network and to its wireless services, Voiamo is responsible to the Voiamo subscribers for the service. Please call Voiamo with any questions or comments about services.

Optus is Voiamo's Australian partner and is part of the Singapore Telecom group, one of Asia's largest mobile operators. In 2012 it won three major ACOMM Awards.