Popslate launches iPhone 5 case with four-inch E Ink screen (video)

This is pretty darn cool. It's called Popslate -- an iPhone 5 case with a four-inch E Ink screen on the back -- and it's launching right now on Indiegogo for $79 in two colors. Combined with a bespoke social imaging app, it lets you take and share pics, then "pop" them to the back of your phone. Better yet, the always-on, ultra low-power, black and white display becomes a canvas for notifications, sports scores, maps, lists and notes, all just a glance away.

An open API allows third-party developers to design custom apps for Popslate -- including accelerometer support to interact with the backside screen by tapping on it. Imagine a micro e-reader app which uses the E Ink display instead of the main panel to conserve battery.

The company is still in the early stages of development and sadly didn't have a prototype to show us, but it's already gathered a team of talented designers, engineers and developers. It's also secured a partnership with E Ink to use the latest in ruggedized e-paper technology and is hoping to raise enough funds to make Popslate a reality. Two colors are available at launch (black and white) with prices starting at $79 for the first 500 supporters, then $99 and up. Hit the break for the demo video and IndieGogo link.