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Facebook Photo Sync now available to all iOS users

As we reported last week, Facebook had begun testing a new feature called Photo Sync in its iOS app. At the time, only certain users randomly were entered into the beta, but today the social network rolled out the feature to everyone. Photo Sync automatically uploads pictures recently taken on your device to a private album on Facebook.

To access the new feature, tap on the Photos icon in the left navigation menu in the Facebook app. Scroll down to the bottom of your photos and tap on Photo Sync to set up the feature. You can also enable the feature on the Facebook site by clicking on Photos followed by Synced from Phone at the top of your photos page.

Full details on Photo Sync feature are available on Facebook's support site. You'll need iOS 6 installed on your device for the feature to work, and some users might not immediately see the Photo Sync option in the app. If you don't, try fully closing and relaunching it before checking again.

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