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Ouya dev consoles shipping to backers on December 28th, SDK available same day

Developer kits for the Ouya were given a ship date of December 28th today, alongside news that the system's software development kit ("ODK") will be available that same day. In case it wasn't already clear how small the Android-powered console is, the folks at Ouya included the picture you see above to further illustrate that point -- the thing is really small. Ouya expects the dev kits to get into backers' hands "within a couple days" of the 28th. Final units are still intended to ship some time in March 2013, though no final date is available just yet.

How different are these dev units from the final run, though? Not that different, we'd guess, considering the company's continued promise that "every Ouya will be a dev console." The only hint given of their difference is a note in today's update calling them, "pretty special." Beyond just getting a jump on game development with the Ouya in mind, dev unit buyers will also be the first to try out Jelly Bean gaming. Of course, if you're a dev unit-level backer and you'd like to share your thoughts with us, we're all ears.