Samsung Galaxy Camera with Verizon LTE shows at the FCC

At least a few Americans have been disappointed that the current version of the Samsung Galaxy Camera goes without LTE; when the data connection is intended almost exclusively for uploading massive photos, HSPA+ can only go so far. To our relief, Samsung knows our impatience well enough to have sent a version of its connected point-and-shoot with American 4G through the FCC's approval gauntlet. This time, the camera goes under the EK-GC120 name (the HSPA+ model is the GC100) with LTE access on Verizon's slice of the 700MHz spectrum -- and that's it for cellular access, without even a trace of foreign wireless bands. As such, there's little doubt the GC120 is headed to Big Red and will have to resort to WiFi on any vacation outside of the US. Any uncertainty mostly rests around just when the Galaxy Camera arrives on Verizon's network, and whether or not the extra wireless speed will demand a premium.