Google staffer Android comic alludes to Key Lime Pie as a lark, stokes fans all the same

We know precious little about the next major version of Android, unofficially thought to be called Key Lime Pie, other than that it isn't Android 4.2. You can imagine what happens when actual Google employee Manu Cornet makes a reference to Key Lime Pie in a comic outlining Android's dessert-flavored evolution, then: fans go wild. Surely that's confirming the roadmap, isn't it? As it turns out, not quite. Cornet tells us that he drew the comic "just for fun," and there's "not much" point to reading the tea leaves, even if he's open to interpretations. It's just as well -- Cornet is part of the Gmail team at last check, not Android, and isn't as likely to have an inside track on Google's mobile plans. Still, if you happen to see a familiar-looking pie sitting on Google's lawn sometime in the months ahead, you'll know where you saw it first.