Steam's Big Picture mode makes playing Mac games on TV more console-like

Is that 27" iMac screen just not cutting it for your gaming needs? Introduced today, the new Big Picture mode available in the Steam client for Mac offers a front-end for your games that's controller- and TV-friendly.

Big Picture mode can be easily navigated with a gamepad, offering access to the web, store and community features without the need for a mouse. The mode also features larger fonts and interface elements designed to be viewed from a distance of 10 feet. Not all Mac games support gamepads, though, so for those cases you can still navigate and play using a mouse and keyboard.

The overall impact of Big Picture mode is actually quite similar to playing games on a dedicated console. Since the Steam client is free, you can try the mode out now and see what you think. If you already use Steam and don't see the option to activate Big Picture mode in the upper-right corner of the app, make sure to check for updates and relaunch.

To celebrate the launch of Big Picture mode, Steam is offering a sale on a variety of gamepad-compatible games available on its store, some of which are for Mac. You can see the full offering here.

[Via The Loop]