Polymer Vision reportedly shut down, along with its dream of rollable e-ink displays

The saga of Polymer Vision has been defined by optimistic plans braced by second chances when financial reality came crashing in, with no happily ever after or definite end in sight. Unfortunately, there may not be much more of a story to tell. CTO Edzer Huitema claims that Wistron has shut down Polymer Vision entirely: while it's keeping the intellectual property behind the rollable display company it acquired in 2009, it has reportedly dismissed all associated staff after unsuccessful attempts to find a buyer. We've asked Wistron for a more formal confirmation and an explanation, and we'll let you know if there's an update. However, it's possible that Polymer Vision's technology was simply past its prime. As +Plastic Electronics notes, Polymer Vision and the Readius came at a time before mobile tablets and giant smartphones, when it wasn't clear that we would tolerate big screens in our pockets; while flexible displays are still in development, some of Polymer Vision's biggest advantages have faded away.