Aurora Feint's Danielle Cassley to return with Avengees

Danielle Cassley is a name we haven't heard in a while. She, along with Jason Citron, was one of the original founders of Aurora Feint, the game that turned into a social gaming service called OpenFeint that was eventually sold off to a Japanese social network (and will soon be closed). Citron was with the service for quite a while, even after the acquisition, but Cassley left soon after OpenFeint's first successes. Now the creator is returning to iOS, with a studio called Red Bird Studios, and a new game called Avengees.

There's not much information about the game just yet, other than the trailer below, but Cassley says it's a physics-based puzzle game, where players will play single player levels to then unlock items to use in an asynchronous multiplayer set of battles. The look is fairly unique, but we'll have to wait and see how it all comes together -- the game's set for release in the next few weeks.

It's unlikely that a game like this will blow up into a project as big as the one the initial Aurora Feint game became (not to mention that the App Store is a very different place than it was when Aurora Feint first appeared). But even before Aurora Feint became a gigantic social network, it was a solid quality game, so it's good to see Cassley back making a new title.