Eye-Fi debuts Circ photo service with unlimited free storage, Android and iOS apps

In its former life, Eye-Fi was the exclusive provider of a practical in-camera WiFi solution. That was 2006. Now, as manufacturers begin to implement wireless technologies of their own, it's back to the drawing board for the former king of in-cam 802.11. Circ appears to be the company's latest lifeline -- a cloud storage solution for your photos that promises seamless syncing, efficient organizing, simple sharing and, best of all, unlimited storage for free. That bargain-basement price tag does come along with a catch -- you can only use the service with two devices -- but an affordable Plus version will only run you 50 bucks each year, including support for up to 20 computers, smartphones, tablets or Galaxy Cameras. The service is currently open to beta testers, but since the site just went live, you may have some luck if you add your name today. You can also sign up to be notified when Circ's ready for primetime -- all at the source link just below.