Google Now updated with more travel-minded features, expanded voice search

Google Now updated with more travelminded features, expanded voice search

It's already been a fairly big year for Google Now, but the folks in Mountain View have at least one more update in store before we roll into 2013. The company's today released an updated version of its Google Search app for Android that adds a number of new features designed largely with travellers in mind. That includes the ability to tell you the weather at your destination, automatically pull up your boarding pass at the airport (albeit only for United flights at the moment), inform you about nearby events, and offer more information about things like artwork at museums using Google Goggles. Alongside those updates are a number of additions to the voice search component, including the ability to search for the name of a track that's playing by saying "what's this song?" or look up additional information on a product by saying "scan this barcode."