Samsung said to be pushing Android 4.1.2 to some Galaxy S III owners, multi-window included

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Samsung has only just started seeding Jelly Bean to some Galaxy S III owners, but it may already be delivering a second round to others. SamMobile claims that Android 4.1.2 is starting to reach those using the international 3G model, with hinted-at multi-window support still intact. The Galaxy Note II's gallery app, Smart Rotation and other apps or (at times subtle) features may come with the extra 0.0.1's worth of code. Don't expect to see a notice on your particular phone or in Kies just yet, however. As we write, only Poland is believed to be in line for an immediate upgrade -- our UK team isn't seeing it, which makes the rollout difficult to confirm unless it spreads. Let us know if you're seeing the split-view multitasking on your Galaxy S III in Krakow.

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