Slice messes with your mind via multitouch circular keyboard for tablets

Slice messes with your mind via multitouch circular tablet keyboard

There's no dearth of Android keyboards on the market, but an entry from new player Slice is bringing the lowly chiclets into a whole 'nother dimension. Depending on which fingers you place on the home buttons, it'll display a rotary wheel of keys that you can reach with your other, free digits, allowing you to touch-type without peeking. At least, that's the theory -- judging by the video after the break, if you happen to look at the trippy graphics during your hunting and pecking, it may induce vertigo instead. The app, which works on 7-inch or larger tablets, also brings "easy access" to special characters, punctuation and a numeric keypad, along with a version of Space Invaders to practice on, appropriately enough -- since you might feel lost in space while using it. Hit the source to shake it out for yourself.