Snapseed launches on Android with Google+ integration, now completely free

While this shouldn't come as a huge surprise, today Google put to rest any lingering doubts about keeping Snapseed alive and well. After acquiring Nik Software last September, Google's just launched Snapseed for Android and refreshed the existing iOS app. The Android version features seamless Google+ integration (complete with support for Instant Upload) and the iOS version gains a few additional filters. Better yet, the app is now completely free on both platforms (it was $4.99 in the App Store).

If you're not familiar with Snapseed, it's an incredibly powerful yet easy-to-use photo editor based on Nik Software's award-winning professional-grade imaging tools. The app provides a super-intuitive gesture-based UI to capture, tweak, enhance and share pictures. As such, it's more advanced than Instagram, but far simpler than Photoshop Touch. It's available for phones, tablets, Macs and PCs (no word from Google on whether the desktop version was also updated the desktop version was not updated).

We spent some time with Snapseed for Android yesterday and it looks and feels pretty much identical to the iOS version -- the user experience is just as polished and responsive. In the main screen, you'll find a new button which lets you post an image directly to Google+ via the same UI as the the Google+ app. There's a separate button to save pictures to the gallery (this also sends photos to Google+ if you've enabled Instant Upload in the Google+ app). Want more info? Peek at our IRL post and the galleries below.

Update: If you have trouble installing this on your Nexus 7 (and other devices) directly, just visit the Play Store link below and install it from the web -- it works just fine.