LG's first 55-inch OLED HDTV pops up in the FCC's database

Although LG and Samsung exhibited dueling OLED HDTVs at CES earlier this year neither has been able to put a model on US shelves yet. that may change soon since we just spotted this 55EM9700-UA from LG in the FCC's database. Flashing WiFi and Bluetooth modules as well as a December 2012 build date, our only picture of the unit is from behind, powered off, although the photographer makes a cameo via reflection. Look lower, and you can see how its connections are buried down in the TV's stand -- thanks to that ultra-slim OLED frame, there's no room for inputs anywhere else. An appearance in what remains of 2012 seems unlikely, but the odds that next thing in television display technology will actually arrive soon are getting better -- assuming lawsuits don't put the brakes on everything. While you look for an extra $10,000 or so in that holiday budget, check out better pics in the gallery, and a promo video plus a pic of the label after the break.

LG's first 55inch OLED HDTV pops up in the FCC's database