Pebble smartwatch hit with further delays, won't be stuffing a stocking near you

Pebble team confirms iPhone SMS and iMessage support, reveals final watch colors

Pebble's finally coming soon! Just not in time to become one of the season's hottest stocking stuffers. As seems to be par for the course with Kickstarter projects, the blockbuster smartwatch is more than a bit behind schedule, but the team is hot on the case, keeping backers in the loop with regular update posts. The latest, which hit inboxes just this afternoon, confirms that the device will support iPhone SMS and iMessage notifications (phew!), assuming you have it linked up with an Apple device running iOS 6. We also got to take a peek at some hot-off-the-press Pebbles in their final finishes -- the black, gray, orange, red and white wearables posed for a point-and-shoot, so they don't pack the typical punch of a pro photo job. Still, they look mighty slick, and if the shot above is any indication, they might turn out to be quite the fingerprint magnets, too. We'll be keeping an eye on Kickstarter for an official shipment notification, but in the meantime, backers are invited to login to their Pebble accounts to make final color selections by next Friday. You can hit up that site at the source link below, then hop past the break for an iMessage demo.