Facebook to end voting, take feedback on future policy shifts via alternate means

So much for that. While the vocal minority got up in arms about a chance to save democracy on Facebook, well under 30 percent of users even bothered to cast a vote. For those who've been in similar situations before, you'll understand that many entities require a majority of the body to cast an opinion one way or the other for any change at all to take place. To that end, Facebook will be nixing online voting for policy shifts in the future, opting instead to give users a way to beam questions to Chief Privacy Officer Erin Egan -- who, lets be honest, will likely be entirely too busy to ever look at them. Beyond all that, the dearth of votes also gives the outfit the ability to intermingle data between Facebook and Instagram, opening up the potential for targeted advertising to begin sneaking into your Instagram feed. We're guessing the privacy advocates are going to be all sorts of frantic, but c'mon -- we all know internet privacy is a myth, right?