Ting begins 'bring your Sprint phone' program, lures you to the contract-free side

Ting, a curiously structured MVNO utilizing Sprint's network, has a pretty interesting pricing structure. For ridiculously light users, it's bound to save some dough, but heavier users may not fare so well. For those who've yet to hop on the myriad other MNVO networks that tap into Sprint's infrastructure, Ting is now inviting those with Sprint handsets to give their service a try. The "Bring a Sprint device to Ting" initiative launched today, supporting seven handsets in total: HTC's Evo 3D, 4G and Shift; Samsung's Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch and Epic 4G; LG's Optimus S; and Motorola's Photon 4G. BlackBerry phones, the iPhone, LTE and push-to-talk phones aren't supported, so you can go ahead and toss those dreams aside. That said, those of you who are still in the mix after that blow can find out more on the transition process by visiting the source link. Godspeed, network jumpers.