Canonical founder hopes Ubuntu on mobile devices will lure more desktop users

Canonical's already announced its intention of putting Ubuntu on mobile devices, but founder Mark Shuttleworth's given us a bit more insight into the firm's strategy in a Slashdot Q&A. In addition to reiterating its focus on Ubuntu for smartphones, tablets and everything from the "embedded world to the cloud," Shuttleworth revealed that Canonical hopes to play the Trojan horse card when it comes to the OS on mobile devices. "If we can get PC buyers familiar with Ubuntu as a phone and tablet experience, then they may be more willing [to] buy it on the PC too," says the company's founder. However, Canonical won't be luring users to the Linux-based OS through mobile devices till at least April 2014, when the 14.04 LTS release officially launches. For more inside baseball on the open source OS, hit the bordering source link to peruse the full Q&A.