Insert Coin: PIPA Touch fingerprint reader lets phone owners authenticate most anything

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Insert Coin PIPA Touch fingerprint reader lets phone owners authenticate most anything

Mobile security beyond PIN codes and passwords is usually a tentative affair. There's fingerprint readers, but they're often specific to the device or the platform, and sometimes limited to just a handful of tasks. Team PIPA wants to raise funds for a more universal solution. Its PIPA Touch scanner can add biometric authentication to phones' lock screens, websites and other tasks through a developer kit, and a modular design lets it slip into cases for the Android, iOS and Windows Phone devices that should receive support. Security goes beyond most fingerprint readers, as well: while a basic swipe-and-done scan is an option, the truly cautious can require a multi-scan sequence that fends off just about any intruder.

Should you love the idea of putting technology on lockdown, it takes a $59 investment ($79 if you miss early adopter rates) plus $10 in shipping to qualify for a scanner and a matte black case. Spending $89 or $99 respectively upgrades to a carbon fiber or aluminum case, and $119 or more will deliver multiple cases to your door. Provided Team PIPA reaches its $100,000 goal, the development kit should be available as a beta in March, although the PIPA Touch readers and cases are poised to ship in May. For some, the wait might be trivial when there's the promise of tough security that could follow them as they change phones or entire operating systems.

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