Verizon Galaxy Note II bootloader unlocked, ready for flashing

Well, that didn't take long. The talented folks over the XDA Developers forums have cracked the Verizon version of the Galaxy Note II. The bootloader has been fully unlocked and the giant phone is ready to be hacked, modded and flashed with custom ROMs. The steps are pretty simple, though, we'll still give you the perquisite warning that messing with your phones bootloader could lead to irreparable damage. But,, if the risk of bricking your handset doesn't phase you, just download a few packages, including the leaked Odin3 tool from Samsung and get cracking. Sadly, unlocking the bootloader can't strip all of the terrible Big Red branding from the device -- you'll need some sandpaper for that. Some users are reporting issues with the unlocking process related to root and the dev has promised an update addressing the bug soon. Complete instructions await you at the source and there's a video walk through after the break.