Windows Phone 8 app submissions increase, open through the holidays

Nicole Lee
N. Lee|12.13.12

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The mood over at Microsoft is either joyous or glum, depending on who you ask. Apparently the Windows Phone Store has received a 40 percent increase in app submissions ever since the launch of Windows Phone 8, which fits into the company's claims of increased downloads and climbing app numbers. Yet, this also means that the entire Phone Store staff will be on the job this holiday season certifying apps and making sure the formerly-named Marketplace is abuzz with new software for those hopping over to Microsoft's mobile bandwagon.

They still won't have testing on December 24th, 25th and New Year's day, so developers will need to get their app in before December 17th and 21st respectively to allow for the usual five-day approval process. It's quite a reversal from a prior statement from Microsoft that warned devs the Store would be taking the entire last week of 2012 off. Hey, look at the upside: now they'll have cash to pay for eggnog to soothe away those holiday working woes.

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